Real American BBQ slow-smoked meats

BBQ Smokehouse, High Wycombe

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Take a look at our menu, all cooked low 'n' slow in our wood smokers - the real BBQ way

Our World Championship B.B.Q. 'Big 4'


All served with homemade seasoned fries & a garnish of 'slaw

Rack of BBQ Ribs
Slow-smoked baby back ribs with our BBQ glaze
Half Rack £10.95     Full Rack £15.95      

Pulled Pork   £8.95
The classic 'Boston Butt', rubbed the right way, slow smoked for a minimum of 12 hours, piled high and lightly coated in BBQ sauce


Brisket 'n' Burnt Ends* £10.95 
We take a whole beef brisket, hand rub it with our spice blend, marinate for 24 hours, we then slow smoke it over hickory for 16 hours.  Sliced with a pile of speciality Burnt Ends

BBQ Chicken  
Our chicken is marinated for 24 hours, rubbed, smoked & chargrilled
Quarter Chicken £7.95      Half Chicken £9.95







BBQ 'BIG 4' Combos
All served with seasoned fries and  a garnish of 'slaw
Ribs & Chicken    £15.95
Brisket & Pulled Pork    £13.95
Ribs  & Brisket    £15.95
Chicken & Pulled Pork    £13.95

Add our speciality Burnt Ends to any of the above for £4.95
*We take the tasty edges of the beef brisket, sauce 'em up real nice and sling 'em back in the smoker for another 3 hours

Pit Boss Special   £24.95
The Ultimate combo - Ribs, Brisket, Burnt Ends, Chicken & Pulled Pork

Watch our board for Daily Specials and changes 


Hot Deli

BBQ Hot Deli Sandwiches
Our delicious meat, served in a toasted brioche bun with a side of southern slaw
Pulled Pork    £4.95
Beef Brisket    £5.95
PB Combo    £5.95
BBQ Chicken    £4.95

Sausage Sub Dog    £4.95
Our own recipe, handmade English sausage served in a sub with ketchup, mustard & BOBs (Battered Onion Bits)

BBQ Sliders    £6.95
3 mini buns loaded with a selection of pork, brisket & chicken from our smoker, served with 'slaw



Smokin' Jackets (lunch only)

A jacket potato baked to perfection in our smoker and loaded with your choice of the following:


Naked    £3.55

Beef Brisket    £5.95

Pulled Pork    £4.95

BBQ Chicken    £4.95

+Add: Cheese £0.95 / 'Slaw £0.95 / BBQ Pit Beans  (M) £1.55, Bacon £1.25




All Served in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, an onion ring and with a side of southern 'slaw 

+Add fries for £1.95

+ Add bacon £1.25 / cheese £0.95 /  dill pickle £0.75 / jalapeños  £0.75 

Bluegrass Burger    £6.95
Our handmade chuck burger, reverse seared - smoked precisely and finished on the chargrill

Bluegrass Burger with Pulled Pork    £8.95
Our Bluegrass burger topped with a pile of pulled pork

Ultimate Pit Boss Burger   £12.95
Our handmade Bluegrass burger with all the trimmings, piled higher with pulled pork, brisket, cheese & bacon






Bluegrass Fries   £1.95
Seasoned, skin on

BBQ Pit Beans (M)    £2.95


Onion Rings    £2.95
Lightly dipped in buttermilk, served crispy and golden

Mac 'n' Cheese  (V)
Our version of the classic macaroni cheese
Side £3.50 / Main £6.95

Mac 'n' Cheese 'n' Bacon
Everything's better with Bacon
Side £4 / Main £8.20



Bluegrass House Salad (V) 
A fresh, crispy American style salad served with Thousand Island Dressing & croutons
Side £2.95    Main £6.95

Bluegrass House Salad with BBQ Chicken    £8.95
A fresh, crispy American style salad served with pulled BBQ Chicken, Thousand Island Dressing & croutons


Homemade Desserts

Oreo, Hershey Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pie     £4.95
A base of crushed Oreo cookies, salted caramel and chocolate topped with popcorn

Key Lime Pie    £4.95
Our version, made with fresh limes on a ginger biscuit base

Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake    £4.95
A slice of chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake, topped with Reese's Cup